Ethereum L2-Relating L1 was overtaken by TPS

The activity of the second -level networks is growing and has already surpassed the main Ethereum network according to some indicators.

The total number of transactions per second in second -level networks is higher than in the main network Ethereum. However, this is not equivalent to the general activity in these networks. According to Etherscan, on December 20, 992,470 transactions were carried out on Ethereum.

The growth of activity in L2-blockchains was reported by the research company Delphi Digital. She added that the leading networks of the second -level steel Arbitrum and Optimism.

According to graphics, Ethereum currently processes about 12.5 TPS, and L2-net performance approaches 15 TPS. Activity and TPS L2 reached a peak of 25 TPS at the end of October.

Comparison of second -level networks with Ethereum

The amount of TPS in Ethereum is currently practically not changing. Its throughput will increase only when a cartoon is introduced on the network, but this will not happen earlier than the end of 2023.

The industry analytical platform L2Beat introduced a new activity tracker for the L2-Ecosystem. According to his data, the TPS of the main network Ethereum is on average 11.49, and TPS L2 is 17.68.

The platform also said that at both levels of Ethereum, a total of more than 152 million transactions were carried out. 58% of them were on L2.

The prospects of the ecosystem L2

The total value (TVL) blocked in the networks of the second level of assets has been reduced from August. However, this did not happen due to the withdrawal of capital, but because of the fall in the prices of most cryptocurrencies.

According to L2Beat, TVL of all L2 networks is $ 4.25 billion. The leader among the second -level solutions remain Arbitrum with the dominance of 54% and TVL in $ 2.3 billion. Optimism takes second place with TVL in $ 1.14 billion and a market share of 27%.

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